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Satellite & Space Systems
Consulting Services

SAVID LLC provides engineering, program management and business consulting services to the space industry. Our team includes some of industry's leading technical experts and seasoned managers with diverse backgrounds spanning GEO, MEO & LEO satellite systems, launch vehicles and associated ground systems. We serve an international customer base which includes satellite system service providers & operators, satellite manufacturers, space technology companies, investors and U.S. Government agencies


Technical Monitoring & Program Management

Our seasoned staff supports satellite service providers and operators in technical monitoring and management at the satellite manufacturer.

Our on-site personnel have the breadth of experience to cover all satellite subsystems and are supported by a team of back-office subject-matter experts. SAVID insight and first-hand experience with satellite design, integration, test and operations permits us to engage in a team approach with the satellite manufacturer and customer with a focus on risk identification and pragmatic issue resolution.


System and Specialty Engineering

We provide technical expertise in all aspects of space systems including satellite system architecture, modeling and simulation, mission design, compatibility analyses and ITU/FCC frequency coordination efforts,

Specialty engineering services are provided by our Subject Matter Experts covering areas such as RF & digital communications, processing systems, anti-jam waveforms, attitude determination & control, telemetry/command, antennas, quality assurance, parts materials, processes, high power/multipaction and passive intermodulation.


Independent and Due Diligence Reviews

Our diverse team of technical and program management experts with decades of hand-on industry experience are ideally suited for independent reviews related to new technologies, designs, proposals, suppliers, internal processes and satellite programs.

We also have extensive experience working with investors in supporting technical and business due diligence efforts in the space and related telecommunication industries.


Process Reengineering

Competitive pressures and an evolving business environment demand that heritage manufacturing, engineering and business processes be reexamined to maximize efficiency.

Our team's pragmatic experience with all the major satellite manufacturers on a large number of commercial programs gives us a unique perspective of best practices and lessons learned.

Our process reengineering approach ensures immediate quantifiable results while helping companies evolve their culture ensuring long term payoff.


Business & Product Strategy

Our team includes space industry executives and technical experts with deep knowledge of the market, competitors and suppliers.

We have extensive experience in performing market, competitive analysis and industry surveys.

We help clients achieve sustained market competitiveness and realize cost and time-to-market savings.
We also support service providers with proposal activities including RFP development, development of system specifications, and proposal reviews for best-value.

Our U.S. domestic and international clients include satellite system service providers & operators, satellite manufacturers, space technology companies, investors and U.S. Government agencies


San Francisco Bay Area, USA
Field Offices:    
  Denver, CO, USA
  Washington DC/Virginia, USA
  Toulouse, France

About Us

Founded in 2002, SAVID LLC is led by Naresh Makhijani and Eric Hunsaker and has served a variety of customers including startups, large operators and manufacturer and venture capital firms in the space industry.