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Satellite & Space Systems
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SAVID LLC's Seaport-e Contract Information
SAVID LLC was awarded a Seaport-e contract in December 2013.

Seaport-e Task Orders : Task orders and technical instructions will be added as they are received. 
Team Information : SAVID LLC currently has no subcontractors under the Seaport-e prime contract. Team member information will be added as needed. 
SAVID LLC's Quality Assurance Program
Quality assurance in all phases of our work is an ongoing commitment at SAVID LLC. Our clients can depend on SAVID's effective quality assurance program to drive project success and timely completion. Our approach includes:
Early determination of required project resources and assignment of the most qualified staff for the associated scope of work based on technical expertise. 
Early collaboration with our clients regarding project schedule, budget and project management plan.
Continuous monitoring of key project metrics and budgets with reports to project managers and key staff for the duration of the project.
Frequent communications with our clients for the duration of the project regarding progress, performance schedule, and any unforeseen developments.
Ongoing personnel training for effective completion of work and professional growth in their field of expertise.
For further information regarding our customer satisfaction for services performed, email to: [email protected]