SAVID LLC Customers

What our customers say about us....

"For over six years, SAVID LLC has provided outstanding engineering support to Accenture and our U.S. Navy customer. Naresh and his team have worked countless hours to ensure that the Navy's newest communication satellite system, MUOS, was successfully designed, built and tested. The services provided by SAVID were "a cut above" anything provided by any other team members. Their technical skills and clear, concise ability to communicate issues and solutions were critical in making this multibillion dollar U.S. Navy constellation a success."

Jim Loiselle, San Diego Unit Lead, Accenture Defense & Public Safety

"SAVID supported Avanti Communication on the Procurement and build of the HYLAS 2 Satellite. This allowed Avanti to have a presence at Suppliers’ premises at important stages of the project as well as having the confidence of their competence to act on behalf of Avanti. Bob Cenker and Bob Brennan played a critical role in this support which provided technical visibility to Avanti on all levels."

Lucy Edge, HYLAS 2 System Manager, Avanti Communications

"I see the SAVID Team as a group of professionals, highly charged and dedicated to meeting Customer's needs and expectations. The SAVID Team's unique expertise in PIM and High Power and years of experience in Space Industries played a major role in PMW's success in managing challenges within the MUOS Space Segment."

Nina Tran, Director, Space Segment, PMW-146, U.S. Navy

"SAVID provided solid technical support and uncompromised professionalism during their tenure. SAVID's competence and dedication demonstrated a high level of excellence, and remains at the top of our list for Satellite Consulting Services"

Rey Duarte, Sr. Director, Satellite Engineering, Sirius XM Satellite Radio